Somewhere My Love
As Time Goes By
Stormy Weather
Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Westside Story Medley
The Rose
Candle In The Wind
Heart And Soul
Beauty And The Beast
The Impossible Dream   



The Impossible Dream



     "The Rose" represents not only a beautiful song but a significant symbol in my life...that of love.  Several months ago I had an unforgettable dream about a white rose and five single petals.  For me, this powerful dream signified a release of the old and a loving rebirth of the new.

     As the months went by and I pondered this message, I happened upon roses and petals everywhere.  Just before the printing of this recording, a friend named Rosa died (within days of the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa).  Two days later, a friend's baby named Leanna Rose was born.  In church the same week, a baby boy was baptized.  Because all the baptisms I'd ever witnessed used water, I was taken by surprise when the child was baptized with rose petals.

     I dedicate "Stormy Weather" to my father, "Edelweiss" to my mother and "Candle In The Wind" to Princess Diana.  And I thank my invisible friend and mentor, Liberace.  Although he may not know it, we've had some good times playing the piano together in my imagination. 


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