Sunday Drivin'   
March Of The Little People  
The Goodbye Song  
Circle Game  
Stutsman County Fair   
Oh, We Can Sing  
Sisters' Symphony  
Little Girl, Dance  
Going Home  
Family And Friends  
No Ordinary Moments  
Strictly For Fun

Sunday Drivin'

Stutsman County Fair


     There is a reason for every song on this album.  Although I won't tell about them all, I'll tell about a few.  Due to a recent illness, I have experienced many of life's most precious qualities, including the love of my dear family and friends (thus, my dedication song, "Family and Friends").

     "Sisters' Symphony" is about two sisters in different cities who don't feel the miles between them.  One plays the piano; the other plays the flute and drives a limousine.  She practices in the limo while waiting for clients...good acoustics.  The flute you hear on this song is played sister.  She practiced in the limo and over the phone, recorded her part in Minneapolis and mailed it to Atlanta.

     "The Goodbye Song" is dedicated first to my mother who loves it most and then to all those who have ever said goodbye to anyone or anything they loved.

     "Little Girl, Dance" is dedicated to a seven-year-old I met in a hotel lobby.  This child sat solemnly in her chair, struggling to keep still while I played the piano.  But after several long minutes of resisting, she rose from her chair and dreamily swayed to the music.  I was so deeply touched by her heartfelt expression of pure joy that I stayed up all night that night and wrote this song.  "You're so very brave," I told her. "I never got up and danced when I was little.  Promise me even when you're 99 years old, you'll still dance." 

     The picture on the CD cover is me at the age of four, before I learned to smile!


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