Mexican Waterfall   
The Blue Room
Beth's Song
Soul Travel
Gittin' Along
Celebrate Now!
Another Great Day
Taken By The Blue   
Sweet Harmony
Classic Voyage

Mexican Waterfall

Taken By The Blue


     The title song for Celebrate Now! was written several years ago after a serious chat with my girlfriend.  We'd been discussing the dispersal of Desert Storm troops overseas.  It was all so ominous.  I  envisioned my immediate demise.  The end of the world was looming and I hadn't even been married twice or climbed Mount Everest, let alone washed my dog or cleaned out my underwear drawer.  I had written a will, thanks to the birthday present my mother had sent me that year - a Last Will and Testament Kit she found on the closeout table at K-Mart.  But even that was written in pencil.  Obviously, I wasn't ready to die.

     An hour later, my girlfriend shook me by the lapels, fed me a can of soda and told me to live in the moment. Hmmm...

     She left; I straightened my lapels, finished my drink, put my dog on my lap and wrote "Celebrate Now!"   As I wrote, it made more and more sense.  Find the ultimate joy in the moment.  Who knows how many we've got?

     Hopefully you'll feel the joy of this album and be in your own ultimate moment.  In the meantime, I'm changing my will from pencil to pen.



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